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Jerry's Lefty Guitars is home to the largest in-stock inventory of the finest boutique, left-handed guitars for sale in the world. Jerry is the only stocking dealer of electric left-hand guitars and acoustic left-handed guitars for many of the world's best guitar builders. Here you can walk in the guitar shop and play left-hand guitars from Nik Huber, Tom Anderson, James Goodall, Santa Cruz, Collings, Bourgeois, Carmel, Blackbird, Cole Clark, Duesenberg, Phantom, Hallmark, Maui, and Jim Hayes. This is the only guitar shop on Earth where you can do that. Jerry's also has a great selection of lefty John Suhr, Eastman, Gretsch, Eastwood, Larrivee, Heritage, Huss & Dalton, PRS, Republic, James Trussart, McPherson, and Kala.

Jerry's inventory of used guitars for sale is hugely varied. Besides the manufacturers Jerry represents, he also usually has guitars from Fender, Gibson, G&L, Martin, Taylor, Music Man, Ibanez, Jerry Jones, Carvin, and most any manufacturer who builds left-handed guitars. Jerry is always looking for and stocking guitars that he likes. Bringing you the same level of selection to the lefty guitar world as the finest righty shops, is Jerry's inspiration and his goal since starting Jerry's Lefty Guitars in 2007.

As you can see from the inventory, Jerry purposely does not represent many of the brands that you see and can buy at the big chain retailers. Offering the same guitar in a hundred different locations is not Jerry's idea of a choice.

Though encouraged (and sometimes pressured) by some of the builders to carry rightys also, Jerry has refused and will continue to carry "only" lefties. Any righty guitar hanging in the shop would be taking a spot that might have held your left-handed guitar.